Panoramas of the world


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need plug-ins to view the panorama photos?

No. If you click on a panorama picture, your Web browser will automatically load a Java applet. If you have a high security level activated in your web browser settings, you may probably have to confirmthat you want to load the Java applet.


Why doesn`t my browser load the panorama pictures?

In order to load the necessary Java applet, you must have a Java Virtual Machine installed on your computer. It is quite possible that this is not the case with your computer. You may download the current version of the Java Virtual Machine from the Java Website at But even if the Java Virtual Machine is installed, there are some configurations which may lead to the applet  not being loaded correctly. You canfind solutions to many of the error messages you will find here.


How do I increase parts of the panorama?

There are three ways to zoom in on the panorama photo. You may do this by using the SHIFT key, with a right mouse button click and then pulling the mouse forward, or turning the scroll button of your mouse forward. To zoom out, you either keep the right mouse button pressed and pull the mouse backwards, or you simply turn the scroll button of your mouse backwards. Using the Ctrl or Strg key will do the same thing.


Why are some panorama pictures blurred or pixelated in the full format?

Some of the panorama photos are unfortunately only available in a low resolution. When they are open to full-screen, they appear blurred.


How are the panorama photos produced?

The panorama photos on this site consist of several photos. With the assistance of the software panorama tools and PTGui, the individual photos are then connected into one panorama picture.


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